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About Me

Anne-Suze Charlestin, Ed.S. is an educator with a passion for serving and fostering learning environments that empower students in our digital age.

Originally from Derouse, Port-a-Piment in Haiti, my family's move to the United States in 1994 opened new avenues for growth and learning. My childhood experiences, coupled with the challenges of adapting to a new language and culture, have fueled my passion for education and understanding diverse learning needs. 

My educational background includes a Master's Degree in Information Systems and an Education Specialist Degree in Teaching and Learning. I have extensive experience in various roles within the educational sector, both in the United States and internationally. These roles include teacher, head of the mathematics department, curriculum development leader, data coordinator, instructional technology coordinator, and teacher trainer. 



ASC Consulting Firm

As the proud founder of ASC Consulting Firm, my mission is to create and nurture educational spaces where every student can thrive. 

At ASC Consulting Firm, we're passionate about building meaningful relationships to enhance teaching and learning experiences. We specialize in offering professional development through workshops and coaching, working closely with our clients to develop personalized plans that drive student success. We value our clients' visions and are dedicated to serving their needs, delivering effective and tailored solutions.

Our approach at ASC Consulting Firm is centered on the importance of relationship-building in education, especially in today's rapidly changing world. Staying updated with the latest educational trends and programs through conferences, webinars, and workshops are

integral to our professional development. This continuous learning allows us to offer the best support to educators, enhancing their capabilities in and beyond the classroom.

Understanding the challenges of adapting to new educational environments personally, we are particularly focused on creating flexible programs that cater to diverse educational settings. Our goal is to align ASC Consulting Firm's processes with each school's vision and mission, facilitating their journey toward excellence.


Beyond my professional endeavors, I host a podcast titled "Educators Who Pray." This podcast embodies the verse from Matthew 6:33 - "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." It's a space for educators to start their week with God, diving into His Word and prayer. We recognize the holistic nature of education - it's not just about imparting knowledge but also nurturing the spirit.


In our podcast, we focus on the power of prayer as a source of strength, comfort, and inspiration in the educational journey. By combining biblical principles, prayer, and inspiration, we aim to transform lives and shape the future positively.

Together, we seek God's presence and align our hearts with His divine wisdom. 


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